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Cranial Osteopathy today in our practice

All of the approaches and techniques developed by W.G. Sutherland [a senior student of A.T. Still, the founder of Osteopathy] are used today by us here at THE DOUGLAS-MORT practice. The historical belief that it is vitally important to enable re-establishment of the underlying deep tissue function or ‘involuntary motion’ in a persons body as a prerequisite of good health intuitively makes sense today. Once the integrity of deep tissue function is restored, and coordinated with this process, the possibility to assist the natural process of return of normal function to the joints, muscles, nerves and organs of the body can be supported. Working through the connective tissues, we use the advanced and gentle techniques of Dr Sutherland, particularly the ‘Balanced Membranous Tension’ techniques, which were designed to release abnormal restrictions, compressions and stresses, and guide the structures of the body back to a normal functional relationship.

The use of these gentle, sustained, focused and guiding readjustment techniques historically have been thought to allow the body to accept and retain the corrective processes. [Unlike the possibly more familiar violent ‘crunching’ H.V.T. adjustment techniques frequently associated with Osteopathy, which may fail to address the chronic contractured ‘trouble spots’ satisfactorily, and have the potential to add additional increments of trauma to the already traumatised body structure.] This makes the advanced B.M.T approach to treatment comfortable, and osteopathic patients have reported since the development of these techniques that they have perceived them to be, relaxing and very effective, irrespective of age, sex, size, state of health, or indeed species![so pet owners have reported]