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Contact Honiton Osteopathic Centre

We can be contacted in a number of ways, but the best way to contact us is by telephone.  Firstly have a look at our Frequently asked Questions section to see if your query is addressed before phoning us as this will save time! You will also find a lot of other useful information about Osteopathy throughout this website, and appearing within the FAQ's.

Write to us at:

Honiton Osteopathic Centre
The Manor House
143 High Street
EX14 1LJ

Please do not email us for advice or regarding appointments. Please telephone us on 01404 41678 instead.


Please note that this number is used for booking appointments or for immediate osteopathic advice ; we do not have time to discuss cases in detail during busy clinic sessions so would be grateful if you are able to keep your query as concise as possible. At busy times there will be an answerphone taking your call, please do leave your name and phone number with a short message, and we will return your call as soon as we are free to do so.  

Booking Conditions

In order to be able to offer our patients the convenience of an appointment system we ask that should you need to change or cancel an appointment that you give us where possible at LEAST 1 WEEKS NOTICE please, as this will give us time to re-allocate the appointment to someone waiting to be seen. An absolute minimum of 48 hours notice [excluding weekends] is required or with regret the full fee will be charged except in very exceptional circumstances. This policy enables us to ensure that those urgently waiting for treatment are seen with minimum delay, and that appointments are not needlessly wasted increasing practice costs. Except in very exceptional circumstances a full fee will be charged for all and any missed appointments.

Appointment Categories.

  What to expect when you attend

For our current fee structure please see below or ring 01404 41678 


NEW PATIENT CONSULTATION  All patients attending for their first visit to Honiton Osteopathic Centre, and for those patients returning for treatment more than 2yrs since their last attendance. The emphasis for this consultation is to gather relevant information, and to make a thorough assessment of your problem; should we feel that osteopathic treatment is likely to be of benefit to you a follow-up treatment session will be scheduled as soon as possible.

The ‘New Patient Consultation' lasts up to 40mins and will cover the following aspects of osteopathic assessment.





‘Treatment Appointments' are as follow-up sessions to your ‘New Patient Consultation', the emphasis of these sessions is now on giving treatment and management advice. For treatment you will be asked to wear light non-restrictive clothing and possibly undress to underwear, before lying on a padded couch. The time normally allowed for ‘Treatment Appointments' is approx 30mins. If you have already attended for your ‘New Patient Consultation' within the last 2yrs then further visits to treat your problem will fall into one of the following ‘treatment categories'.

  Re-evaluation Appointment including 'Occasional' appointments 

This category is for all patients last attending within 2yrs  who are not currently attending this centre for regular treatment as part of a recommended course of treatment. Or for those who have been receiving  another therapy An update and re-assessment will first be made at this session prior to treatment.

This category is for patients who prefer not to attend at the intervals recommended, and are happy to book their treatment sessions mainly as and when their symptoms arise.

  Ongoing Patient Appointment

This category offers a concessionary fee and is only for patients receiving regular treatment or following a specific course of treatment, and is at the discretion of the osteopath. Appointments must be booked and attended by the patient at the time intervals recommended by the osteopath, which in the clinical opinion of the osteopath will best assist the resolution and or ongoing support of the patient's problem.

Patients in this category have committed to and are following an active course of treatment recommended by the osteopath; they may be in need of frequent treatments perhaps for an acute problem, or regular but less frequent maintenance treatments perhaps for conditions where there is old trauma and degenerative changes.

‘Ongoing Patients' are seen at the lower fee rate in order to support their commitment to regular osteopathic care.  

  Fees and payment

  Current fees at this centre 

       New Patient Consultation...up to 40 mins approx ... £75

[All new patients and those returning more than 2yrs after last attendance]

      Treatment Categories.........up to 30 mins approx per session.

        Re-evaluation Appointment...........................£70

[All patients returning for treatment within 2 years of last attendance. This category is for those receiving occasional treatment as required, or those who have received another therapy in the interim period and need re-evaluation of the problem]

      Ongoing Patient Appointment*........................  £58

[*Discretionary rate only for patients following a regular course of treatment with attendance intervals as recommended by the osteopath]

  Other Services  A fee is chargeable for letters, reports, forms, signatures etc that you require us to attend to on your behalf, please enquire.

 Payment of Fees  This is due on the day you attend for treatment. Regretfully we are not able to offer credit terms, nor credit card or switch payment facilities at present.

Payment may be by cash, or by cheque (with a valid bank guarantee card).

Receipts will be issued on request at the time of payment only. Please ask for these at the time you attend as we are unable to provide these at a later date.

For those needing information regarding our fees for osteopathic treatment and other services for horses, dogs, and cats please phone the practice.


How to find us

If approaching from the West, ( A30), follow the signs into Honiton until you reach traffic lights where you can turn left towards Cullompton (Dowell St). The Manor House is 200 yards beyond those lights on the left side of the High st. For parking, Turn left at the lights towards Cullompton, and then next right into the large public car park. You can then walk through the car park towards the back of the Manor House. There are entrances front and back of the building.

If approaching from the East (A30, A35), drive down Honiton High st.until you see traffic lights where you could turn right towards Cullompton. 200 yards before those lights, you will pass the Manor House on your right side. For parking, continue to the lights and turn right towards Cullompton, and then right into the public car park. The Manor House is a short walk directly from this car park.

Please note there is NO parking for visitors at the small Manor house car park. Please use the large adjacent public car park.

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